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A success built adding value to its products, together with an high technological knowledge.
Movicontrol, S.A. started his activity in Hydraulics and Conveyor Belts in 1987, in Lisbon and Oporto, with a technical team with several years of experience (theoretical and practice), in the integration of components to find solutions prepared to perform several functions in all industries.
The modern processes of fabrication and control, allows the manufacturers around the world to build products, with an identical level of quality. The difference of the solutions produced with those components, distinguishes the companies that can produce better and economic final results. Movicontrol is one of those companies.
The success of Movicontrol is based in:
  • An elevated technical knowledge.
  • A constant search for better and innovating solutions.
  • A strong technical assistance, which plays a major role in is activity.
  • Along with the design office, Movicontrol created well equipped workshops, to manufacture, repair and give outdoor assistance. 
  • The workshop has a recognized capacity by the quantity and diversity of the works produced, inclusively for the clients abroad.
In our workshop we manufacture hydraulic power units (control stations), for different applications, such as presses, lifting platforms, dams, marine industry, compactors, special machines, and others, according with the ultimate technologies.
Systems powered with a range of electric or explosion motors.