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We won again the SME Excellence award 2011! 03-01-2012
Once again Movicontrol wins the SME Excellence award for its 2011 good financial performance!
We are to be congratulated for our financial effort to continue to be a solid company at a time as hard as we are currently experiencing!
24th anniversary party of Movicontrol 03-12-2011
On the 3rd of December of 2011, Movicontrol celebrated his 24th anniversary.
The party was held at the restaurant "A Adega do Abertino" preceded by a tour to the beautiful Buddha Eden garden at Bombarral.
ISEL students visit to Movicontrol
It was with great satisfaction that we received at our facilities / workshops a class of the Engineering College Institute of Lisbon (ISEL).
The class attended the trial of a hydraulic pump and visited our technical office and warehouse.