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A Movicontrol presta assistência nas suas duas principais áreas de Negócio. Em óleo hidráulica e telas transportadoras.

Assistance and assembly at customer facilities

If necessary we can assist the customer at his place, or assemble the equipment supplied and perform the necessary tests.

Qualified Staff

Movicontrol has a team of specialized hydraulic technicians, with great ability to troubleshooting and manufacturing of power units.

Production of Power Units, Hydraulic Winches and Hydraulic Cylinders

In Movicontrol we produce power units, hydraulic winches and hydraulic cylinders according to any specification, with a strict quality control, and capable to meet the most demanding applications.

Repair of Hydraulic Components
We perform the repair of pumps and motors of several brands, using original parts for replacement.
After the repair we do tests in our test bench, providing to the client a report of the component situation.
We also repair other components, such as directional valves, accumulators, hydraulic cylinders, etc..